The Artist

“She was born to be free, let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her.”

The daughter of a sculptor and jewellery designer, Alexa had creativity running in her blood. From a young age she realised that she had a natural ability and a passion for art and design. She has been involved in various courses and projects throughout her life such as and fashion and product design, but truly feeling a deeper connection with painting and the freedom it gives her to expressive herself.

Alexa is entirely self taught, and this reflects in her art from the looseness of the strokes and her interpretation of her subjects. Alexa Rose is a free spirit with a gypsy soul and her paintings are not bound by constraints. Her art inspires thoughts of the wild and brings a true glimpse of the wild into your life and home. She combines her passion for wildlife, travel, nature and expressive art together to create something truly unique.

Filled with wanderlust, Alexa travels around the world frequently, gaining inspiration wherever she goes. Her aim is to create an emotional connection with you and evoke thoughts of the amazing wild earth upon which we live. Through her paintings she is attempting to try and recreate that magical experience when you see an animal in the wild. This beautiful wild animal appears for just a moment, sometimes just a glimpse of an eye or flash of fur but a beautiful moment that she is recreating in her paintings. Her loose brush style or palette knife strokes at first appear random but upon closer inspection are creating a sense of atmosphere of a fleeting and beautiful moment in time when we connect with nature.

Alexa Rose artist photo